Some of the most creative strategies live in the intersections of disciplines, sectors, cultures and generations. This series of essays seeks to learn from a diverse group of creative people who are building bridges and creating hybrid and integrated programs, strategies, and lives.


Something Else is Possible

Some of the most powerful change happens in the intersections of generations, cultures, sectors, and geographies. Collected here are stories about these intersections and the people who make them. They are strategic artists and creative organizers, activist anthropologists, poetic politicians, and loving family members. All are engaged in the deeply creative act of believing that something else is possible.


Staying In It With You

An intergenerational conversation about grantmaking, artmaking, and meaning making with Ron Ragin and Judi Jennings. 

A 2020 Bridge Conversation by Ron Ragin and Judi Jennings

Anthropology as Social Activism

Alaka Wali and R. Lena Richardson on drumming circles, sustainable conservation, and valuing difference.

By R. Lena Richardson

Creating With a Sense of Strategic Practice

Maribel Alvarez and Jason Bulluck on paying attention to the ‘little stuff', engaging in critical discourse, and understanding how power can be shaken up.

By Jason Bulluck

Direct and Indirect Approaches to Community Change

Littleglobe and SouthWest Organizing Project talk about finding a relationship between community-engaged arts and organizing.

By Valerie Martinez, Robby Rodriguez, Molly Sturges, and Rosina Roibal

Incarceration, Fatherhood, and Artmaking

Carol Fennelly and Ayo Ngozi on artmaking with fathers and children in federal and state prisons.

By Ayo Ngozi and Carol Fennelly

Listening to the Stories Underneath the Work We Do

Paula Allen and R. Lena Richardson talk about traditional arts and culture as resources for Native community health.

By R. Lena Richardson

Multifaceted Art of Community Planning

Ron Shiffman and Anusha Venkataraman consider the intersections of organizing, creative practice, and community-based development.

By Anusha Venkataraman

New Paradigms of Artful Change

A discussion about whether art can be as powerful a vehicle for change as it can be a bastion for maintaining the status quo.

By Dudley Cocke, Peter Pennekamp, and Craig McGarvey

Power of Art To Move People

Ismael Ahmed and Anan Ameri discuss the extraordinary model of the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS).

By Anan Ameri

Tensions and Synergies of Being Strategic and Creative

Brad Lander and Esther Robinson discuss organizing and art, anthropological listening, and whether being holistic is important.

By Esther Robinson

Who Will Carry the Work Forward?

An intergenerational conversation at the State of the Nation festival and a tribute to Nayo Watkins.

By Caron Atlas, R. Lena Richardson, and Carlton Turner