Arts & Democracy has offered many workshops and learning exchanges since 2004, ranging from a one-hour conversation in the midst of a conference, to a weekend long workshop. The inter-generational workshops are designed to support ongoing local organizing, and teams of participants are encouraged to participate.

The following are examples of how we work:





90 minutes – 2 hours

 3-5 hours

 Day long

Multiple days

Robust Introductions

All of the above, PLUS

All of the above, PLUS

All of the above, PLUS

Brief introduction to methodology & definitions

Asset mapping for participants (making connections)

Strategic power mapping of particular community

Framing interactive dialogue with local leaders

Snapshots of cultural organizing work – from participants or guests

Deeper case studies or presentations from local hosts; dialogue

Hands-on art making and skills workshops

Off site local culture sharing




Tools/skills swap for local issues

Each workshop is specifically designed with the input of our partners, to access their own resources and assets, and to ground the work in local contexts as much as possible.