Arts and Activism 101: Arts as a Catalyst for Social Change, Los Angeles, CA

Arts and Activism 101: Arts as a Catalyst for Social Change, Los Angeles, CA

Arts & Democracy Project was proud to partner with the AFL-CIO to integrate arts and culture into their 2013 International Convention. We hosted a two hour "Action Session" workshop for delegates to learn the basics of cultural organizing then apply them to creating art for a march later in the day. Nationally recognized Los Angeles artist Ramiro Gomez led the workshop. Gomez creates representative cut-outs primarily of domestic workers and places them in the affluent environments that employee such workers in real life. He led participants through a process of creating their own cut-outs, which were later placed throughout downtown Los Angeles in a convention-wide action. 

  • Intro by Michelle Miller: What is Arts and Democracy? & What is cultural organizing? (5 min)
  • Presentation by Ramiro Gomez featuring images of his work and a description of his practice (10 min)
  • Making Session: Participants create their own cardboard cutouts (75 min)