Cultural Organizing Workshop Agenda
Kentucky Women's Foundation
Saturday 11/19 10-5


9:30-10:00    Gather, with coffee

10:00-10:10    Advertised start time

10:10-10:40    Welcome; Review purpose and begin introductions 

First Pair Shares- 2 min each = 4 min
- What is your name?
- Where you are from?
- Tell us a little bit about your work
 -What is your first memory of culture being present in your life, whatever that means to you?

Introduce your partner - 6 min
Second Pair Shares- 2 min each = 4 min 
- How you came to this work, whatever that means to you?

Six word memoir - 6 min

10:40-10:55    Group Agreements 

10:55-11:15    Cultural Organizing - Working Definition - Words & Concepts 

11:15-12:00    Small group discussions on individual folks' work, as related to working definition

Three questions:
1) What about the definition resonated with you and how?
2) What questions do you have about this?
3) What about your history/lived experience informs your creative practice?

12:00-12:15    Report back/Draw out values & principles 

12:15-1:00  Lunch

1:00-1:20    The Hows/METHODS of Cultural Organizing: brainstorm list 

1:20-1:50    Short Demonstrations/explanations of other methods

1:50-3:00    Strategic Power Mapping
- Intro to levels of change: personal, interpersonal/relational, cultural/social, institutional/political
-Look at state of KY and how folks' work intersect/support each other -- look for synergies or places of potential collaboration

3:00-3:15    Break

3:15-3:45    Image Theater/Freeze Frame: series of 5-10 words

3:45-4:25    Small Groups - Issue-based Affinity Groups, Ricardo Levins Morales - poster to open
- Talk about the eco-system that you all collectively represent... OR The relationships between your work
- Given the affinity group that you are in, what are the other sectors that you need to be in relationship with and why?
-How could you become more effective working together?

Debrief: 2 min report back from each group.       

4:25-5:00    Closing Intentions you are leaving with; Is there someone you want to connect with

 Evaluation: plus/delta with suggestion