Creative Placemaking from the Community Up

Creative Placemaking from the Community Up brought together a national cohort of groups–Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona, Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts NY, Arts & Democracy, LA Commons, Kentucky Cultural Organizing Alliance, and the Oakland Cultural Affairs Office–whose creative placemaking is grounded in communities. We came together through a shared set of values including equity, racial justice, and self determination, and the overall goal of advancing social justice in our communities.

Our approach to learning is from the community up, drawing on deep reservoirs of local experience and knowledge and making connections between our communities. Cutting across a range of issues–from public housing to public health, from transportation to equitable development–we came together as peers across the country to share our knowledge about how to build powerful, arts-based community initiatives.

Project activities in 2016-2018 included experiential learning through cross sector collaborations, peer exchanges and skill building workshops, participatory planning and cultural mapping, thematic convenings, and presentations at local and national conferences. The project also developed and disseminated toolkits, webinars, reflective essays, case studies, cultural plans, and other resources.

You can access Creative Placemaking from the Community Up Resources here:

National Webinar:

Creative Placemaking from the Community Up Webinar Recording

Webinar Slides


Summary Report

Creative Spaces Consulting Report and Arts & Learning Report

We Are Your Neighbors Policy Recommendations Report

Creative Transformations: Arts, Culture, and Public Housing Communities

Websites and Other Resources:

Promise Zone Arts Website

Cultural Blueprint for Healthy Communities Website

Cultural Blueprint Summary Poster

Arts + Participatory Budgeting Resource


Asking Tough Questions About Creative Placemaking by Judi Jennings

What's Next for Creative Placemaking

Rural Safety and Urban Incarceration

The Many Environments of Creative Placemaking


Creative Placemaking from the Community Up: A Conversation with Roberto Bedoya and Vanessa Whang

Creative Placemaking from the Community Up: From Activating Space to Exposing
Structural Racism by Elizabeth Hamby

Cultural Plans:


Belonging in Oakland

LA County Arts Report, Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative