Spacing Out: Innovative Urban Uses of Cultural Space

ART NY's South Oxford Space

On August 15 Arts & Democracy Project joined Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts - NY (NOCD-NY) and Urban Bush Women to cosponsor Spacing Out: Innovative Uses of Urban Cultura Space at the South Oxford Space.

Seven case studies, commissioned by NOCD-NY functioned as catalysts for discussion in this interactive forum. The case studies primarily focus on New York City, with examples from all five boros, practical resources, and policy recommendations. Exemplary practices from elsewhere in the U.S. will also be incuded in them.  

Topics include:

Public outdoor areas: streets, sidewalks, parks – temporary and long term uses uses

Publicly owned buildings or public service, temporary and long term use

Long term shared spaces by multiple cultural entities  

Cultural use of religious spaces

Construction zones, scaffolding, containers, vacant property

Long term adaptive reuse