Home-buying With Artists in Mind

An event report


ArtHome Founder, Esther Robinson, explaining the Homebuyer Handbook to participants.  (Photo: Dave Sanders)

Arts & Democracy Project and ArtHome (Brooklyn, NY) recently hosted a FREE: Artist Homeownership Workshop, which created a working dialogue for participants who were looking to purchase a home.  The event took place at Groundswell Community Mural Project, where there were student paintings still drying on the walls and was further made possible by the co-sponsorship of City Council Members Brad Lander and Steve Levin and the Brooklyn Arts Council.

Esther Robinson, Founder of ArtHome, opened the evening up with the personal story of how she came to own a home in Brooklyn and the steps it took to get there.  This set the stage for an evening of discussion centered around understanding ones own finances, learning how not to feel controlled by them and instead utilizing them as a tool.  All workshop participants were at varying stages within the homebuying process, with most somewhere in the 2-5 year range.  Esther stated, that this is something you start thinking about early and all the changes you make, don't simply help with your future home-ownership, but they also help you in your daily life.  She further stressed, that tangible results would be apparent immediately; even if one could only set the most minute of goals.

New York Mortgage Coaltion was on hand disseminating a series of Handbooks (created in partnership with ArtHome) which shed light on homebuying process, while also talking about programs they helped to create, such as NSP2, which help low to moderate income applicants within New York City gain housing.  Neighbors Helping Neighbors also offered free counseling services and shared tips too.