November 9, 2021
Storytelling in Crisis

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In the midst of an ongoing pandemic and intertwined crises of racial, economic and environmental injustice, artists, journalists and cultural organizers are poised to tell the story of our times. We are joining with our communities to create a living history of this critical moment. But how can we tell stories of crisis that can energize and bring hope to our communities, and support structural change?

The virtual dialogue Storytelling in Crisis, presented by Storyline, Arts & Democracy, The Laundromat Project, Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts NY (NOCD-NY) and US Department of Arts and Culture (USDAC) explored strategies for crafting storytelling responses that center care and connection, amplify resistance, and support resiliency. 

We heard from storytellers who have learned from their experience of making work grappling with pandemics; epidemics; and natural, social, political and economic disasters. Michael Premo(Storyline) facilitated a discussion with Steven Thrasher (Northwestern University, forthcoming book The Viral Underclass), Nick Slie (Mondo Bizarro, Cry You One, I -10 Witness Project), and Regina Campbell (Rikers Public Memory Project). The panel was followed by small group discussions. The exchange brought together peers working across multiple mediums to share lessons and challenges from our work.