Walking the Talk: Putting Racial and Cultural Equity Values into Practice

March 28, 2019
Walking the Talk, Putting Racial and Cultural Equity into Practice Webinar

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It's an important step to state our beliefs in racial and cultural equity in these fraught times. It's a bigger one to change what we do to make those beliefs a reality. The webinar, cosponored with NOCD-NY and PolicyLink illustrated both community-based and public sector approaches to putting equity values into practice.

Webinar Presenters:
Libertad O. Guerra is Director of The Loisaida Center in New York City, and an anthropologist, social and art researcher/historian with 15 years of experience in cultural production and arts management. She applies her expertise in Puerto Rican, Latino, and Latin American social, artistic, and community movements in urban immigrant settings and institutional partnerships.

Kathy Hsieh is the Cultural Partnerships and Grants Manager, overseeing community-building, funding, and racial equity programs of the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture. For years, she has been a key change agent in transforming the City's arts funding program through a racial equity lens. Kathy is also an award-winning actor, playwright, director, and producer.

Keryl McCord is part of the facilitation team for the UpROOTing Racism trainings of Alternate ROOTS, a member-driven service organization for artists and cultural organizers based in the South. She is also President and CEO of the Equity Quotient (EQ), a national training and organizational development firm dedicated to supporting nonprofits to become more just and equitable.

Vanessa Whang is a thought partner with civic actors, organizations, and funders engaged with culture, equity, and social change. She has worked in the nonprofit sector for 30 years as a touring musician, arts administrator, and funder. Vanessa believes a deeper understanding of culture is key to finding more sustainable paths to well-being for people and the planet.