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March 5, 2013
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Cultural practice and artistic expression breathe life into communities.They create opportunities for individuals and institutions to transform their sense of self and relationships with one another, and share their local traditions and ways of being.   

This conference call looks at the power of place-based culture to create community narratives, advance racial and economic equity, promote participatory democracy, and foster self-determination and inclusion in rural communities.  We will hear from five presenters about culturally-based work in a diverse range of contexts addressing themes that include traditional practice, opportunities for young people as emerging leaders, cultural economies, ecological and cultural stewardship and cross-sector partnerships. 

We discussed such questions as:

- Who has access to cultural resources and opportunities?
- What kind of relationship do these initiatives have to community development, housing, transportation, education, racial and economic justice, sovereignty?
- How do we generate and equitably distribute investment? 
- In what ways can community members have a voice in decision making?
- How do you build community? What do you need to stay? What do you need to take your community with you?

Call Organizers:

Javiera Benavente, Arts & Democracy Project
Amalia Deloney, Arts & Democracy Project

Lori Pouier, First Peoples Fund
Walter Mack, Penn Center
Ada Smith, STAY Project
Bineshi Albert, Southwest Organizing Project
Matthew Fluharty, Art of the Rural and Rural Arts & Culture Working Group