Election Call: This is What Democracy Looks Like

Election Call: This is What Democracy Looks Like
September 20, 2012
Listen to the call here
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This call highlighted the great work that is happening in civic participation and arts and culture, and shared opportunities to get involved. It addressed elections, but even more so the ongoing work that is happening to strengthen our democracy. The call featured presenters from across the country who are working to protect voting rights and make sure that those who have been historically disconnected from decisionmaking have opportunities to participate. Artists and media makers who are using their creativity to increase inclusion and participation also shared their work. And we heard from people who are working on what happens after the election to make sure that democracy can thrive in our daily lives.

Call Organizer 
Caron Atlas, Arts & Democracy Project 

Call Facilitator
Kathie deNobriga, Arts & Democracy Project

Call Presenters
Rachel Bishop, League of Young Voters
Richelle DeVoe, National Voter Registration Day
Nelini Stamp, Dream Defenders
Robert Karimi, Peoples Cook
Tracy Sturgivant, State Voices
Laura Muraida, Southwest Workers Union
Erin Potts, Air Traffic Control
Melanie La Rosa, Futura Media Group, America by the Numbers
Andrew Morton, Shop Floor Theatre Company