Arts, Culture & Environmental Justice Organizing: A Conference Call
Jan 24, 2012 
Listen to the call here 
Arts, Culture & Environmental Justice Organizing Resource Newsletter

On Tuesday 1/24/12, the Arts & Democracy Project hosted a conference call on Arts, Culture, and Environmental Justice Organizing. The call was part of our regular conference call series, which highlights work that draws on the power of arts, culture and creativity to build community, facilitate dialogue and critical reflection, envision new possibilities, and to be a catalyst for action. 

This conference call focused on how people and organizations across the country are bringing the power of art and culture to bear on the environmental devastation that is disproportionately affecting poor communities and communities of color and transforming our relationship to land, nature and the environment based on principles of equity, justice and sustainability. 

The call featured four inspiring and insightful presenters.  Monique Verdin and Nick Slie (Mondo Bizarro) spoke about their creative responses to the environmental devastation taking place in Gulf Coast. We also heard from Laura Muraida about the environmental justice organizing of Southwest Workers Union and from Hodari Davis about the celebratory actions of Life Is Living. 

Call organizer/moderator
Javiera Benavente, Arts & Democracy Project 

Call Speakers
Monique Verdin 
Nick Slie Mondo Bizzaro (New Orleans, LA)
Laura Muraida Southwest Workers Union (San Antonio, TX)
Hodari Davis Life Is Living (San Francisco, CA)