After six months of neighborhood assemblies, budget delegate meetings, and agency reviews, it's time for residents of four New York City Council districts to vote for the capital projects they think are most needed in their communities. Polls open the last week of March - see the PBNYC website for the specific dates and locations. 

Arts & Democracy Project has played an active role as a creative partner in this process. Most recently we commissioned the People's Production House to create short videos of delegates talking about their projects in the 39th District of Brooklyn. These videos are posted online with the project posters so that community members can hear their neighbors talk about why the projects are important. The videos were produced by Carlos Pareja and Benjamin Ziggy Lee of People's Production House with Dora Blount and Jesse Gutierrez, Community Based Media.

You can see all 20 videos and project posters here.

Additionally, with Maggie Tobin and Councilmember Lander's office we helped organize the Expo where budget delegates presented their projects. A workshop ahead of time provided space, materials, and creative resources to help the delegates create their presentations.

This pilot year of participatory budgeting has resulted in new relationships, great projects and many lessons learned. We look forward to the vote and to getting ready for next year!  Check this blog in the days to come for reflections on the process.