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All-Ages Movement Project

All-Ages Movement Project (AMP) is a member-driven network of community based organizations that connect young people through independent music and art.  Founder of AMP, Shannon Stewart speaks of the importance and benefit of fostering democratic culture and leadership through youth-run music and cultural spaces.

Hip Hop Congress

The Hip Hop Congress (HHC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses powerful potential of hip-hop culture to foster social action, civic service, and cultural creativity among young people.  HHC works to develop organizing skills and civic engagement among community members, with a human rights and social justice movement building focus. 

Sojourn Theatre

Based in Portland, Oregon, Sojourn Theatre creates community-engaged theatrical productions that have explored a broad array of social issues, ranging from the Oregon school system (Witness Our Schools), the future of Portland as a city (One Day), and the meaning and impact of going to war (The War Project).  

Sojourn Theatre

Sojourn Theatre is an ensemble of ten core artists creating new performances  in Portland, Oregon, and around the country. Their innovative work shares a goal of bringing together strangers to collectively experience and strategize in arts-based civic dialogue projects. Sojourn’s members are nationally recognized for their innovation as artists and engagement practitioners, and the company’s work is featured regularly at conferences and universities nationwide as a "best practice model" for arts-based civic dialogue projects.